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Casinos can be ideal for players in one country, but inconvenient for players in other countries. In this rating, we offer an assessment of online casinos in Ukraine. The rating was compiled taking into account general quality criteria, as well as taking into account the requirements specific to the Ukrainian audience.

You won't have to check on your own whether Ukrainian players are allowed to play, how good are the options available and which ones are more suitable for you. If you live in Ukraine, you can use the rating and compare which casinos are better and which do not quite meet the requirements.

Standard Evaluation Criteria

The presence of a license and licensed software are paramount requirements. Without this, not a single operator falls into our rating of online casinos in Ukraine. This is one of the key guarantees of reliability. The operator's license indicates the presence of a regulator, the rules of which the casino must comply with. And licensed software guarantees the honesty of the game.

Some operators have more than one license, which is an additional reliability factor. Therefore, the more licenses a casino has, the more rating it gets.

In order for the game to be varied and exciting, we evaluate the quantity and quality of software. The more developers represented on the site, the more points the operator gains. At the same time, the more famous the supplier, the more weight their games give.

Reviews also play a big role in the position in the rating of online casinos in Ukraine. Having become acquainted with what those who have already tried their luck there say about the casino, you can more accurately determine its value. From the official information indicated on the casino website, you can only find out what the operator himself promises. And casino reviews speak about how the operator actually works.

Casinos that many players are dissatisfied with cannot reach the top positions in the rating. Therefore, among the leaders you will find operators who have a minimum of negative reviews. Therefore, the level of service there is higher than that of other competitors.

The evaluation also takes into account the number of payment methods, as this affects the usability. As in the case of software, different payment systems give different weight. The more popular the method, the more points the casino gets. It's the same with languages. More translations - higher rating. However, these are secondary factors, therefore they do not give such a big weight as licenses, software and reviews.

Criteria required for Ukraine

Block bypass. In Ukraine, online casinos are prohibited, as well as playing in online casinos, so it is not surprising that the sites of gambling operators are blocked. To get around the block, the casino must create mirrors, then players will be able to freely enter and play until the mirror is discovered and added to the banned list.

Operators must also be neutral about their customers' use of VPN programs and extensions. This is another way to bypass blocking. The site will not be able to reach the top positions in the rating of online casinos in Ukraine if it prohibits players from using VPN, because this makes it difficult to access the site.

Currency and payment methods

Not many operators in Kyiv offer to open accounts in hryvnia. Therefore, Ukrainian players in most cases have to choose other currencies. In normal online casinos in Ukraine, you will find not only dollars and euros, but also rubles. And payments can be made through popular global and Russian systems.


Often, online casino bonuses are not intended for residents of Ukraine. This is another reason why it is better to use the Ukrainian online casino rating. In this case, you will be sure that promotions and bonus offers will be available to you.


Casinos usually do not make translations into Ukrainian. For Ukrainian players, the Russian version of the site, as well as the support service in Russian, may be suitable.

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